Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Counting Down

Time is telescoping, and the mass of things to do is growing, or so it seems. I am to the part where I am going through most everything individually. If it was already in a box, and I knew I wanted to keep it, it is already in storage. I move things and pile them into the room of the 'going with me' piles. Schedule is that I'll pack that all up nicely next week just before loading it.

I need to start shopping for a truck. I need it around here all weekend, then load it Monday and Tuesday. Then leave Wednesday. Moment of panic...

I just want to be out there at this point. Get this part over with. Or, keep this part going longer so I can enjoy more last minute times with friends. Tonight I'll meet up with folks at Fletcher's for pizza. And, I find out if my hiking buddy can help me move the furniture. If not, I'll be frantically calling around to hire a couple of strong backs.

Still unsure about who, if anyone, is going to work on the house while I'm gone. The guy looked at it and will let me know this weekend. I'll phone Plan B and see how serious that offer was. And, I got a plane ticket back for Memorial weekend, or the week around it. It was a quick decision, but I needed to know when I'd be back, just for myself and my sanity.

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