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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It Happened

Today the hammer fell. I will be unemployed after Friday. They started calling people in one at a time around 9, by 11 all of us being let go had gone in for the 5 minute talk and were handed a folder with paperwork. The HR folks will be in to do our out processing later this week. My appointment is at 1:40 pm on Friday. Until then I go to work as usual, although no one is doing much of anything. I have to check my laptop in before leaving at night, and will get it back in the morning.

I have started the resume update. I have a couple of jobs to submit it to - although not much locally. I am allowed to be rehired if they ever get the new contract that they thought would be in place by now. I've already signed up for unemployment on-line. So, now I while away the time at work cruising websites looking for work.

I'm kinda numb. This isn't anything I didn't expect, but the actual transition is difficult. On Monday I'll sit and figure out what's next.

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