Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday Mom helped me put the shelving together, 3 units of it. We put what boxes I've moved over to the unit on them. There is room for more. Thank goodness. I'm packing up the things in the dining room now. China cabinet is all packed except for the good china. That will happen this morning. The rest is what I want to take with me, the dishes I'm using now. I'm doing laundry, and as I can I'll start moving the clothes I plan to take into one area, the ones I'll keep here, and the ones I want to get rid of to their respective piles. Hopefully between Mom and Nancye, the things I want to disappear will do so tomorrow. Clothes and housewares and such that is difficult for me to part with. Plan B is for me to load them into the Jeep when I head to work Tuesday and drop them at the Goodwill trailer there.

Progress is being made. I just don't know if it's fast enough or not. It feels warp speed to me, but I've spent 3 years getting to this point in my downsizing. And I still have a houseful of stuff.

BlueBell has a line on an RV for me. Somewhere in the next week and a half I'll find time to look at it and maybe buy it. And load it. And then drive it to Washington State...

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  1. Good Luck. My container is still almost full after my move 3 years ago! There is a reason, though ~ I won't bring any furniture into the house until the room in which it will live is finished (OK, I have a certain amount of furniture that will need to be moved into another room so that 1 can be renovated, but my daughter & SiL DO need somewhere to sleep when they visit!) & I can't get to the packed boxes until the furniture has gone. I dream of the day I get my warm woolly jumpers back ~ oh to be warm all Winter :)