Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm to the messy part of the project. I have things pulled out, piles made all over the place, and I haven't started much moving yet. This morning, first up, is to load the truck with the next load. That will clear some room in the living room. Then, I think I'll load the Jeep with recyclables to include some of the boxes I have the I won't be using. The recycle bins are just a mile away. Then to the (luckily, heated) unit to put together shelves and organize and such. Then home, and more sorting and loading. Repeat.

The living room is emptying out of what I'm taking with me. The dining room is too, except that I keep putting things I'm not ready to take yet in there. The part of the house I live in is a total mess. Even after all the times I've gone through my stuff I still have absolute trash that I'm coming across.

Had dinner with Phil last night. He had some good suggestions and options for me. And, offers of help back here while I'm out there. Friends are good. Friends are difficult to move away from. Friend bought me dinner that I scarfed down since I'm down to eating my own cooking lately.

Latest ideas for the trip are to rent either an SUV that is larger than the Jeep and tow the Jeep out there packed up. Or, rent an RV to be more comfortable and tow the Jeep. I have requests for quotes out at the point.

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