Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Pace Picks Up

Today is D day in many ways. In a few minutes my ride will show up to take me to pick up the Rental truck I'll pack a couple of different times, and will ultimately drive to Tacoma. I've been clearing out the furniture that goes to storage, the first load. Neo will arrive with his sons to load that furniture. That will be the main clearing out. Nancye and Bill will arrive before that and start helping me pack things, take the items they are taking. Then Bluebelle and Tree will arrive and load the things they are taking. When all of that is done, the only furniture here should be my recliner. Along with the storage items we'll take to Mom the things she wants and the things she sold for me.

At that point I'll have just 'stuff' laying around all over the floors. Nancye has offered to pack up my kitchen. I'm hoping that Bill or Phil can rebuild the antique clock that fell off the mantle, and pack up my two printers. I'll be sorting and packing the rest of the stuff.

And then I'll have my nervous breakdown.

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