Tuesday, February 14, 2012


DDwants to know if I felt the earthquake in Costa Rica. I did feel one for a bit last week. It seems that we had two here last week. And it also seems that we live downstream of a dam that is in need of some maintenance. On local news, which I get from the breakfast club of the guys who are married to local women and live here permanently, the word is they are putting out comments of a need of assistance to do the needed work, prompted by the earthquakes. That is something I'm having more and more issue with down here. There is so much aid and assistance flowing into this country that the first response to anything is to just ask someone to come in and do it for them. And, it usually works. But that is a rant for another time. My other news feeds are fox and cnn on-line. Nothing about any of it in either place. If I read the Spanish editions I might get more local news.

Another question in my comments while I was on vacation was 'who is TurtleLady?' She and her husband Bill have been good friends of mine for maybe 30 years. We met through a common enjoyment of a sport (caving), and have stayed friends through the years. She is one of the few friends from home with whom I keep in fairly constant contact while I'm down here.

I don't tend to jump back and answer comments in that section. Since I'm getting more comments lately I may start. I do read and enjoy every one.


  1. Get your water wings on in case that damn dam lets go.

  2. I think of all the natural disasters, earthquakes frighten me the most. Stay safe.