Monday, February 27, 2012

Week of changes

The move is coming along. This morning I started pulling out what little kitchen stuff I had unpacked while at the hotel with no real kitchen and started thinking about how I want to get the rest of the clothes and other stuff packed. This weekend I packed most of my shoes, and started pulling out other things to start seeing what I need to pack and what I have to pack it in. The majority of my stuff is still in the boxes and containers it came down here to Honduras packed in by the movers in WA. I'm thinking I'll use my fairly large collection of suitcases for a lot of the small things.

I decided to try to find a large truck and driver to move all my things in one load. It turns out that there are a couple of options. So, tomorrow that should be nailed down. This move must be meant to happen because everything (so far) is going easily. When I'm doing what I should be doing where I'm supposed to be doing it, that is how it happens. When I try to force things is when I end up regretting the decisions I made. Moving down here was as simple as asking a co-worker in WA if he could find out who to contact for the IT jobs here. A couple of phone calls and emails and I had this job. This move has been the same way, ask someone who I should see about an apartment, and two days later I find what looks to be the perfect place. I think the new apartment will put me in a good space to actually enjoy living down here more.

I am on the late shift this weekend. So, I took a late lunch that fell after the 1pm opening time of the hammock shop. I still have 2 stripes left on the hammock I started making back in June. I got a few rows done. Maybe if I take half my lunch hours when I'm on this shift I'll actually finish the hammock.

I work a row or so on the sweater I'm knitting in the mornings that I have time to fill that I no longer have at night. Switching to Continental style knitting means that my left hand can only knit one row of 166 stitches before it starts aching and messing up. Still, this style of knitting is faster and easier than the English way I've done up to now. Like many things, I just have to work up the endurance to do it longer at one sitting.

I'm bringing some things in to work to leave here during the move. I have some computer gear that I bring in my day pack and I'll lock in my desk. Slowly I'm getting things sorted so I'll have what I need immediately before and after the move. I'm excited. The 'laundry area' at the new apartment is on the open flat roof. I'm looking forward to taking a camp chair and my coffee up there and watching a sun rise and a sun set. I'll do pictures. That vision is what is getting me through this week.

I just re-read this, and it is just stream of consciousness typing while I try to get through the last hour of my shift. It is how life is going right now.

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  1. I can sense your excitement even over the monitor. Like you mentioned this move was just meant to happen.

    Glad everything is clicking in place.