Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More good news

Last night after work as I was walking to the gate in the dark to catch my taxi I was thinking how nice it is to feel safe while on post and how I trust my taxi driver to get me home safely as well. I am not usually out after dark. This late shift is a new thing. In between looking up and seeing stars and the sliver of a moon I was thinking that I didn't know how I would do this after the move with a new taxi driver from a new town that is further away. I may have even said a prayer about it.

When I got to the gate the alternate driver was there, who I also trust. He is the 'boss' I think of my usual driver. While we were in the gatehouse we took advantage of the bilingual guard to talk. I asked if my usual drive would be able to continue 'if' I was to move to the other town. His boss said yes. I did a happy dance, which made the guard and driver both laugh. On the way home via cell phone and Spanglish, a price for the new drive was agreed upon. So, I will have my safe ride to and from work still. This is a big deal. Especially after dark on lonely roads down here.

I'll be paying a lot more than I could arrange for transportation back and forth. However, my driver is ALWAYS where he says he will be. That means a lot. I also know that he appreciates the money. Some of the drivers try to get as much money extra as they can. My driver just shows up, is friendly, and gets me safely where I need to be. I am happy that this relationship can continue.

Still no word on the big truck. Tomorrow I'll try again for that. Here in Honduras, most plans don't proceed in a linear fashion. I'm trying to work within that framework.


  1. I'm glad you will continue to have a trusted driver. Hope your move goes smoothly.

  2. To bad you didn't film that dance so we, too, could be entertained.

  3. Good news!...very best wishes with your move!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. I can certainly see why you would be happy. Trust is something that is established over time like in your case.