Four Peaks in snow

Monday, February 13, 2012

lights - on

Apparently the power came on about an hour or so after it went off. Not sure what the dramatic glow was, but everything seems ok. Well, except the main air conditioner in my apartment. The two bedroom ones were not on, so they are ok. I haven't gone to ask if maybe there is just a breaker tripped somewhere. So, coffee from the coffee-maker tomorrow, not the camp stove.

EDITED TO ADD: Main air conditioner just sprang to life, so guess it was a breaker. So, life is back to normal.


  1. That's good to hear! I've been making coffee in my Melita since my Mr. Coffee crapped out. I bring the water to a boil on the electric range, but when I'm camping I can use the propane stove, so in an emergency I will be able to have coffee anywhere!

  2. Did you the feel the earth quake in Costa Rica? You should be near enough to feel it.

  3. Glad everything is back to normal.

  4. This is what happens when I'm completely off line during the week. I have absolutely no idea what's going on (except I snuck one look at your blog in the beginning and new about the outage). Earthquake in Costa Rica, a whole bunch of other stuff near you and three more entries to catch up on... Propane camp stoves - one of my favorite kitchen appliances!