Saturday, February 25, 2012

Movin' On Up

Quick post to say that I found an apartment in a neighboring town. I'll hopefully be moving next weekend. The owners live right next door, the policia station is across the street. I'm looking forward to living there. So, this weekend I start packing. Most of my stuff has not been unpacked, so it isn't like some of my other moves. I'll post more after I drink more coffee and figure out how I'm going to arrange some of this stuff.


  1. Yee Haaa boy howdy....a brand spank'n new apartment. Hope the owners know a little English.
    I remember when I were much younger, just starting out in life rent'n apartments an' such. I was always excited when I found the perfect rental.
    Good luck with your move and may it be an easy one.

  2. Sounds great. Safe too! Do you work from home or will you have to commute?

  3. It must have been a huge cup of coffee; it has been eight hours and you are not back yet (grin). Congrats on the new location, sounds perfect.

  4. I am excited for you. An apartment sure beats living in a hotel.

    It helps too that you did not unpack. Keep us posted and good luck with the move.