Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wii be playin'

Time to move on from the Bad Mood post. I was invited to watch my Mom bowl in the Wii bowling tournament they are having at the retirement complex where she lives. It was a hoot. I'd wanted a Wii a few years ago for the Wii Fit aspect. Since I don't own a TV it was going to cost a lot to by the Wii, the Wii Fit Plus, and a TV, so I put it off. The hotel here put a TV in my room that I never watch. I decided that all things considered I need more entertainment down here, so before I left KC I bout a Wii and secured it in my luggage. It made the trip fine. However, the Best Buy we went to didn't have a Wii Fit Plus, so I was wondering what the best way to get one sent here when my Program Manager mentioned he had one he wasn't using. So, for half price I now own that. I've gotten on it 3 days in a row now. My Wii Fit Age has gone from -1 year from my real age to -13 years, then to +6 years of my real age. I'm not good at the balance stuff, but I'm having fun. My BMI started at 23.6 (22 is 'perfect'), and it is still hounding me to lose that last 8 pounds. sigh. It's one thing when I want to lose it, quite another for a video game to tell me I need to.

Some drama at work yesterday, so things will be unsettled next week as it all shakes out. I'm actually more concerned that I truly do not care. I'm more in the mood to just pop some popcorn and sit back and watch. I'm not to the point that I want to actually push things to crash, but I don't feel much obligation to go out of my way to stop it, either. It is time to move on when I feel this way.


  1. Do you truly not care or are you disengaged? I think there's a difference that matters and I'm starting to look at that.

  2. oh, and cool on the Wii! We don't have anything like that in the household but I'm starting to wonder...

  3. I am sure you will enjoy the Wii