Sunday, February 12, 2012

One step forward, one back

Yesterday I got a bug in my whatsits and cleaned my bedroom. As in, took everything out, cleaned as I put things back. The first push for this is an intermittent smell. I have geckos here, not pets but ones that run around the ceiling. These leave small deposits around the perimeter of the room. I discovered this awhile ago. I pulled most things a few inches away from the wall. I blamed the deposits for the smell. So, everything out, the floor all swept. Nice. Except that I still smell the smell. I think I have it located to one drawer in my plastic dresser. Further investigation ensures.

The second thing pushing this is that TurtleLady gave me a new hammock for my collection when I was back. It is a bridge hammock, which is a very different style from the asymmetrical gathered end hammocks I currently own. Ok, if that didn't make sense to you, then just go with it for now. So, with most everything out of the room I once again set up my too large metal pipe hammock stand in the bedroom and spent some time hanging the hammock. The reason I'm not sleeping in a hammock every night is that with this stand I can't get comfortable in any of my current hammocks. I am hoping I can make the bridge hammock work. Last night was the first test. I put a pad underneath in the pad pocket to kind of spread it out some. In the end I slept most of the night in my recliner. I have a spot on my right hip that is kind of numb. Apparently I usually sleep on that side, and in the hammock the way I have it hung all my weight is on that hip. Even this morning it is still bothering me. For the record I have never had a bad night in a hammock hung between two trees, just with this stand. I think it is too short or something. I'm going to make some adjustments to it and try again tonight. If it still doesn't work I may try my BlackBird hammock, my main go to hammock when I camp, one more time. If nothing else, I'll put up the air mattress bed again, but at least all the bedding will be clean now.

If you are curious at all about hammocks and using them for camping/backpacking or sleeping in every night, the definitive website for information is:


  1. I have never been comfortable in a hammock. If I ever get comfortable enough I manage to attempt to roll over and fall out of it!! My brother on the other hand hand can sleep in one like he was born to it!!

  2. Bad smells in our house almost always turn out to be dead mice in tight spaces or (before I banned them) dead escapee pet rodents in tight spaces. The last dead escapee (the pet rodent to end all pet rodents in the house) chose to expire behind the refrigerator which was when we discovered that the refrigerator couldn't be pulled out from the wall and counter without removing the molding because the guy who sold us the house and built the kitchen thought it would be esthetically nice to wall in the fridge. Cursing him, and looking at the work it was going to take to remove what is not simple molding and put it back I chose to let the hamster decompose in peace and live with the smell. It only took about a week to dissipate. This was about four years ago. Today, I am quite certain, there is a mummified hamster curled in the hamster fetal position between the fridge and the wall and someday someone is going to find her. We're calling it a hamster suicide.

  3. I have never been able to lay comfortably in a hammock and now with my bad back it would be impossible.

    Dad loved hammocks and we have several that only get used when my uncle comes to visit us.