Friday, February 17, 2012

Shift Happens

Little things are annoying me more since I've been back from leave. Work has changed in that this past week my hours shifted 3 hours later. I have time I don't know what to do with in the morning, and get home after dark too tired to do anything. The noise level around the hotel gets to me more. The new grocery store accross the street has a very loud alarm that goes off several times in the middle of the night. My clutter of stuff gets to me more. The hotel staff came in my room yesterday with no notice, so I didn't have things (including the Wii) packed away. I don't want a lot of people seeing what I have, and to be honest I feel a bit ashamed and conspicuous having so much in a place where most people have so little. Then they didn't admit to being in my room. It was confirmed this morning by a co-worker who lives there as well. I'm irritable and pissy.

So, I'm heading into a 3 day weekend. Time to sort/scan/repack and maybe send some more stuff back and donate more stuff to those who can use it down here. I'm also putting out feelers to find another place to live that isn't in the town I'm in now. Away from the main highway, in a smaller town sounds really good to me. Probably another hotel situation.

I have been folloiwng Tioga George's vacation in Guatemala this week. See my sidebar for a link to his blog. I'm not that far away from the area he's in. So, I'm pricing flights and making note of the places he's staying. I'm thinking maybe Memorial Day weekend I'll venture out on my first trip in Central America outside of Honduras. I need to get better at Spanish between now and then. I'll also ask around if anyone wants to go with me. But, I'm ok traveling alone. Really, as long as I blend in and am careful it is safe down here.

As for the fire in the prison, so many sad details are coming out. I really don't want to post much about it, but that is weighing on my mind as well. The living conditions, the lack of infrastructure to deal with the fire and aftermath. It is all so sad. Of course there are those with the black humor making jokes. I know the value of black humor in helping folks deal with things like this. I'm just not there yet about this fire.


  1. I would like to tour all the Central American countries, but probably won't ever get to do it. I loved El Salvador, but that was the end of 1993 and I know things have changed in the meantime. Good luck and take care while traveling.

  2. I am very glad to see a post like this from you. You are usually very quiet and laid back and keep a lot of your emotions bottled up or at least that is my impression.

    It is nice to see you getting mad and sharing with your readers on a more personal level.

    What happened in the prison was terrible, no one deserves to die in that fashion. It makes me so sad for the families that are grieving.

  3. Agree with MsBelinda. Black humor is completely unnecessary. Nobody deserves that.

  4. Black Humor... has its place.

    I'd expect it would be used by those whose choices and/or bad luck got them in that prison.

    Soldiers and to some degree Police use it as a balance to try and maintain sanity in an insane situation... But... Black Humor by those sitting in a comfortable, safe, well fed place... at the expense of those IN the situation is not humor... it's simply cruelty... 'nuff said.

    and like "she" said... getting mad... at things that are justifiably agitating is not wrong... that'd be like saying pulling the trigger on a fire extinguisher is being mean to the flames.

    When something puts your nightie in a twist Girl... Don't hesitate. Whack it with a stick until you feel better! ;)

    Take Care

  5. George's Blog sure is a great advertisement for Guatemala! I am pretty impressed with those $9 hotel rooms.