Wednesday, February 22, 2012

live goes on

I'm talking to people about other places to live. I have specific criteria, which are different than others here. Mostly I want quiet, and to have the landlord/owner interface with the local utilities for me. Also, that landlord/owner needs to understand/speak some level of English to meet my level of Spanish so we can communicate. And, quiet can also be interpreted as safe. So, the search begins.

In my efforts to be safer here I keep learning Spanish at my slow rate. Someone on a message board offered up this site as a place for free classes on many subjects: . It is a cool site. It turned me onto a site that is what looks like a fun way for me to get better at Spanish. It is a telenova, or mystery video in 52 chapters that is meant to teach the language. I am going to try at least one chapter or segment a week. Maybe faster, but with trying to move I don't want to set a goal that I'll fail immediately.

On the creative front, I finished the baby afghan I was crocheting from yarn in my yarn stash. I like the way it turned out. I'll try to get a picture of it tonight. My next project is a cardigan for me from a pattern called Sawtelle. Affectioknit (see blogs in my sidebar) is knitting this, and I like it a lot. I'm making the adult version first because I have enough yarn in full skeins to make it, and I can see to judge better what misc yarn in my stash is enough to make a childs version. I'm trying to switch to Continental style knitting after 40+ years of English style (has to do with which hand holds the yarn being fed to the needles) so this is awkward and I have to keep a video handy so that I can remind myself just what I'm doing. I use the videos at .

There was another large fire, this time down in Tegucigalpa, the capitol, on Saturday. The maket burned, 1800 stalls. That is the livelihood for at least that many families. So, prayers again requested for the families affected. This time at least there were no fatalities.

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  1. Very best wishes with the new abode!...and with your Sawtelle...can't wait to see your colours and progress on that!...and we'll definitely be praying for those affected by the fire in Tegucigalpa...

    Have a lovely day!