Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back Online

Ok, that took longer than anticipated due to some screw ups and mis-communication However, I'm back now. I spent last night in the mobile home. Due to the heat (114 yesterday, 106 at 9 pm) and my sore back I'm bringing small loads each time in the Jeep since I just can't do the steps at the apartment the many times it takes to bring things down in the small weights I can comfortably carry. I COULD get it all in one load if I repacked the clothes off the hangers and such, but I have till the end of the month at least, or actually until the end of July since I had to pay rent for 60 days after giving the notice. So, I have 3 or 4 loads left and hope to have them here today. I'm enjoying the new place. Pictures soon, I promise.


  1. Just take it slow and easy. With heat like that you always walk in the shade and very slow. Drink plenty of water. You seem to be getting settled down.

  2. Here I am whining about the temperatures when you have it a lot worst!

    You got your priorities straight...take care of that back...I should know, only carry what you feel comfortable with and not an ounce more!

    You have plenty of time so no need to rush even though I know you are dying to make your new place "home".

    We are going to hold you to your promise of pictures :D

  3. DD: That is one of the problems here, no shade. :)

    MsB: But it is DRY heat. Right.