Four Peaks in snow

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where was I again?

I survived my 44 hrs in 4 days work week. I now have 3 days off. Today I slept until after noon, and I haven't moved a lot since. At this point in my life the exhaustion is as much mental as physical. The apartment is still sitting back there with the cleaning stuff and the shower curtain and I'm still paying the electrical on it. Hopefully by tomorrow I can go officially close that out. Everything else will have to happen after that. I'm getting there.


  1. Remember, just one step at a time. I if you take two many steps at the same time you end up tripping yourself.

  2. You will get everything accomplished that you need to - little by little, if necessary. 44 hours in 4 days is a lot of hours per day! I used to do 10 a day and it wasn't bad when I finally got used to it.

  3. I ditto what Dizzy said in the above comment!