Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, June 01, 2013

I survived!

Funny how the smallest things end up looming so large. My first night on night shifts went well. I work with a great group of guys. Tonight should be interesting as the guy I've been waiting to train with will be working, and not a lot of others. Seems several folks are taking vacations now. Everyone is cross trained and if last night is any indication the weekends nights are slower, so I hopefully can learn a lot.

Thanks for all the support. I truly appreciate it.


  1. Glad your first night went so well and hope the rest will only get better.

  2. Glad the night shift went well. I enjoy your posts and always ready to read more.

    Aunt D.

  3. Yeah! Here's hoping it just keeps getting better!

  4. Reinventing yourself takes a lot of work...The good news is adjustments are always allowed! Keep up the good work!

  5. I had no doubt you would have a good first night at your job.

    As you become trained and more familiar with your new duties and co-workers things will only get better.

    Sending you my best vibes.