Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Big News

Things moved faster than I had any right to hope for. So, I can now announce:

I bought a mobile home in a 55+ community here. I hate apartment living, and the price of the home was low enough to put on my credit card (at 0 percent interest...). The lot rent is much lower than this apartment, and the home has been very recently remodeled. I like that there is a sense of community there, and I intend to join in. More as this develops.

The reason I'm not already moved in is that I am now being affected by the heat. Big time. I drove to Sedona yesterday. Not what I expected, but I think my experience was colored by my reaction to the heat and sun. I will go back when the temperature is below 100. Here in Phoenix it was reported at 109 degrees yesterday, and again today. It is to be hotter tomorrow. I am not in the habit of wearing a hat, which I will start immediately. I feel like my eyelids are sunburned as well, not painfully but just irritated.

Another wrinkle in things is: remember me complaining about all the seeds in the frozen berries I was making smoothies from before? The frozen berries I got at CostCo? The same ones being recalled for Hepatitis A? I have been getting automated calls from CostCo about it as they had a record I was one who had bought them. Yesterday the recording said I need to get a vaccination and they will pay if I go to a doctor for it, or they will be giving them at their pharmacy starting today. So, I need to go do that.

I'm waiting for the sun to go down. I will without shame hide in airconditioning for the next 3 months or so. I am so not a desert rat. It will be ok, and the mobile home is a much nicer hiding place than this apartment. I just have to get moved, and that will happen in the darkness of night. I have till the end of the month to move my one Jeep load of things. I think I know how vampires feel.


  1. It sure can get hot in the Phoenix area, that is for sure.

  2. The frozen fruit recall and similar recalls are why I don't buy frozen fruits or vegetables, or packaged salad mix, etc. I told my daughter about the recall and she found she had some in her fridge, and threw it out after checking the website about it. Both the kids have had the HepA vaccine and it looks like it will be ok. I hope you dont have any problems.

    I hope you post pictures of your house when you move in. It is definitely nicer and cheaper than living in an apartment, as I have found also.

  3. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home!!!

    I know heat in Phoenix can be brutal...good to hear you will be able to hide out from it.

    You brought back a lot of memories for me tonight after I read your post. One being when my parents drove me to college and I had all my belonging in the back seat and trunk of the car.

    Two when I graduated and moved to the big city and I had all my worldly possessions with me and they all fit in my vehicle :(

    Wish I could say the same are a very fortunate person to be able to make a move on a one car load.

    Best of luck.

  4. Congratulations!! So glad to hear the good news that you are now the owner of a new home. I'll be waiting to hear all about your new experiences.