Four Peaks in snow

Monday, June 10, 2013

Today is a new day

It has been a rough week. Literally a few hours after I gave the certified check to the park manager for the mobile home the air conditioner went out. This prompted me to check everything else out, and the gas cookstove, which is new, didn't light. I was too late to get the hepatitis A shot at CostCo on the last day before I started again into 12 hr shifts, so that got put off. I went in to work, and almost everyone had called out sick. I was sort of on my own, and I'm not totally trained yet. I had help from one of the sick guys working from home, and we got through 2 12 hour shifts that way. Luckily it was slow. Then last night I ended up sick and came home after 3 hours. I sincerely hope it is/was whatever is going around and not the hepatitis...

Today I got a call from the park manager and the previous owner says the air conditioner on the mobile home is still under warranty and she is taking care of it. The gas to the stove was just turned off, and she is taking care of that, too. I feel better and am going to try to go in to work. I have a lot of stuff staged in the living room of the apartment ready to load and take to the new home. I could do it in one Jeep load, but with the heat hovering around 110 degrees it will more likely be in several small loads and most of that after dark.

So, onward and upward.


  1. Hope you stay healthy, but then you will have to do all the work yourself.

  2. You are making progress anyway. I'm glad the stove and the air conditioner are being taken care of.

  3. If you think you have hepatitis why don't you go see a doctor instead of getting a shot on your own.

    Glad you were able to resolve the A/C and stove issue with no money leaving your pockets.

    By when do you have to be out of your apartment? If you have until the end of the month...then take it easy.