Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Short Update

First, I want to clarify that I enjoy the RV blogs that have folks paring down and living full time, or even part time. The blogs that depress me are the middle age or younger professionals who sell the McMansion and go spend a year in New Zealand and/or find part time work in Nicaragua (the one I was reading last night) and their life is now perfect, or live in Thailand out of a backpack and make big bucks with their blog telling everyone how simple it is and they should do it too, just buy their e-book for the details. I am on a quest to find my 'just enough' and the details as well as the amount of what I need are confusing and a bit depressing. How mundane to find that toilet paper, shower curtains, can openers, hand towels, and wastebaskets seem to be necessary to my living the good life.

Also, I have finished the first sleeve of the sweater and am working on the collar. I have had to take out the first couple of rows of that already as I picked up the stitches from the wrong side and it showed. Didn't make it to the hookers meeting this morning. I am in a routine that is about 3 hours offset from 'normal' and just don't get up until at least 10am, and am not ready to go out of the door till minimum 10:30.


  1. I don't like the blogs whose writers are always bubbling over with good cheer. Life has its ups and downs, and while we don't have to dwell on the downs, sometimes it helps to talk about it.

    If you didn't have some difficulties in adjusting from life in one country to another, then I would worry about it. I think you are right on track and will be fine!

  2. I hope the blogs about middle-aged women living out of their cars don't depress you! I figure this is something we can all do, even if we don't aspire to it. Like living in a van down by the river. Nice work, if you can get it.