Four Peaks in snow

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I think I'll like it

Since I don't really know anyone to hang out with here in Phoenix, I think I'll like the weekend nights shifts. The ones who seem to not like it tend to have a family they are trying to spend time with. I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday and am now on Tuesday seem to feel recovered. By the 3rd night I never really felt like I was going to fall alseep in my chair.

I will have big news next Monday. Don't want to jinx it by talking about it before hand.

I'm meeting a person from a message board I've been on for decades in a few hours. She contacted me on the board when I said I'd moved here. Turns out she lives in this same area. We are meeting at a Greek restaurant.

I may drive to Sedona tomorrow for a look around. The jury is still out. I've been to Tortilla Flats, and Payson so far. I also tend to drive around town, so I am getting more familiar with this area.


  1. Can't wait to hear the big news. Did you get some prickly pear cactus icecream when you were at Tortilla Flats?

  2. Dizzy, does Tortilla Flats shut-down like Mining Camp for the summer?

    Can you give us a review of the Greek restaurant? Hubby and I are always looking for new places to eat when we're in Phoenix.

  3. It's fun to learn your way around a new area, although Phoenix is probably too big an area for me. I'd stick to one little neighborhood, no doubt.

  4. Judy, I was only in that area a few days a few years ago on a trip to the gold dig at the ghost town of Stanton, Aizona and it was around Easter time, so the weather was great.