Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Work work work

I'm in the middle of my 3 days of 12 hour shifts. I did get up this morning for the coffee and donuts at the clubhouse here in the park. I met a handful of the regulars here. As I suspected, most of my neighbors are snowbirds and are gone for the summer. I also was informed that they don't like to be called snowbirds. :) I will try to get down for the 'Hookers' group, which is about all kinds of crafts (cough, knitting and such, Charlie and Dave) and maybe even finish the sweater with that encouragement. They meet 2 mornings a week and while I'm not a morning person on this shift I will do my best.

Work is fine, if long. At midnight it turned out I didn't feel like going by the apartment to grab a few more things, so will finish Monday. Really, if I was to actually put my mind to it I could have it finished in one load. Especially since I could have, if I'd had to, done it all in one load. I have what I need here now to live.

Looking forward to Monday as it is my next day off.


  1. I was wondering what kind of job you had when you said you were going to meet the other hookers. Glad you explained. (grin)

  2. I knowed a hooker one time. Told me she worked city street light maintenance....mid night shift.

    Even when I were your age, there weren't no way I could work a 12 hour shift. But then, when I was your age, there weren't no overtime pay.

    Cain't wait to see some pics of the new cave.

  3. In Texas they don't like to be called snowbirds we call them winter Texans :)

    Glad you are taking your time to complete the move.

  4. Your new community sounds appealing!

  5. My 12 hours shifts don't involve overtime, just a restructuring of how the 80 hours/2 wks is worked. It has its good and bad points. Good point is the 4 days a week off every other week.

    DD: The rules here specifically prohibit prostitution on the premises. As I was reading that I thought 'there has to be a story as to why in there somewhere'.