Sunday, February 03, 2013

A down day

Yesterday I hit a down spot. Just overwhelmed and scattered. I still made some progress. I go back and forth between wanting to get this done and not wanting to think about being done. When I'm done I will need to either change my ticket to closer to now, or find something (cheap) to do until the 15th. I don't really want to travel around here when home is something so close I can almost taste it. I may come back some day. I know my way around the area (being Central America) now, and being here doesn't scare me. I'm just ready to leave right now. I would be reimbursed for any change fees, etc. I just can't think about the details of how to do it right now.

Bill came and got the shelves he bought. I had to take stuff off and pile it someplace else. I also sent some of the plastic drawers that I used as a dresser off with him. I actually apologized to the drawers as I was washing the dust off, that I was abandoning them down here. And so, this is why I have trouble getting rid of stuff.

I have 6 containers loaded, inventoried, taped up and ready. I have one more I just need to move out there and put a number on. One more priority mail box ready to mail tomorrow. When I shipped stuff down here I have over 60 numbered items, for context. I went to the PX and when I didn't see any Gorilla Boxes out I asked one of the locals who works there if they had any in the back. She quickly went to the back and many minutes later wheeled out on the two wheeler a nice new boxed Weber charcoal grill. So, not to say the same thing won't happen back home but maybe I'll be more in a place where I can see the humor of it all.


  1. I smiled when I read that you apologized to the drawers. I know what you mean...

    I guess I am a little confused...on the 15th you are leaving Honduras for good? or this is the date of your trip to Vegas?

    I think on day you will be able to look back and laugh at the grill the lady brought out instead :D

  2. Ms Belinda: I have the ticket home to MO (where Mom is) already, and I fly to Las Vegas from there 2 days later. I can just use that ticket home and get paid for it, or move it up and get paid for the change charges as well.

    My life is confusing right now to me, so I'm sure I'm not clear when writing about it. :)

  3. Thanks for the clarification.