Sunday, February 24, 2013

Real Life

So, it is back to real life for me now. I did not win my retirement in Vegas. I did manage to stick to my budget (the money I won in slots while in Honduras). I'm in Kansas City, and I'm looking at a huge storm heading this way. I need to get the heck out of here and go to Nashville. I haven't driven in winter conditions in about 4 years, so I really need to get going.

I am coming to terms with the fact that back here I am no longer in the 1%. No one at the hotels calls me by name, servers get testy with me when I make (to me) reasonable requests, my clothes don't fit the weather, and I don't automatically earn points with strangers when I say where I live. Back to fading into the background and being boring. Consider that fair warning. Those who considered me boring when I lived in Honduras, well, I guess there is little room to fall. :)

I'm getting data working on my fancy phone, learning to text message, learning that I have hot water at all the sinks here, and I can make coffee from the water at the faucet. I throw my clothes into Mom's washer and dryer and have clean dry clothes in an hour or less, rather than doing the hand laundry I did in Honduras. My Jeep will need gas today, and suddenly the gas prices Mom is always talking about get more interesting to me. After spending so long packing things up to get back here I find the fact that Mom is looking at the ads in today's newspaper to see if she 'needs' anything to be a strange idea. Heck, a newspaper I could actually read is strange to me.

So, in about 12 or so hours I'll head east as fast as my Jeep can haul me, and figure if there is anything I need that I don't have with me I can go to a Goodwill or other thrift store and get whatever it is. Not sure what I'll find at my house since I haven't seen it in a year and a half.

The adventure continues.


  1. And so it begins. You back to your previous life, me escaping mine! I am convinced that it is up to each of us to find (make) happiness in what ever life circumstances we are. Make it a good one!

  2. I had culture shock when I returned to the U.S. after living in Ireland for 3 yrs, so I can imagine what it will be like for you at first. It won't be long and the Honduran experience will be just a pleasant memory. I wish I could go back to the pace of life and the friendliness of the Irish, but I'm an American and this is where I need to be. I wish you luck.

  3. Have a safe trip back to Nashville and I sincerely hope your house is OK.

    I can certainly understand your apprehension as I live it every time I go back to Houston.

    Take care and please keep us updated. You have no excuse now that you have a fancy phone to blog from :)

  4. Too bad you didn't win big at Los Vegas. Would have nice to start your new life with a grub stake.

  5. Very best wishes with your return home...

    ~Have a lovely day!