Saturday, February 02, 2013


There is progress, but at the moment I feel like I've hit a wall. There are a lot of lessons here, and at some point I hope to have time to ponder and learn from them. I have started boxes on the travel north, 3 priority mail boxes sent yesterday. More packed and in the car to send Monday. 5 more boxes picked up from the post office when I was there. This is stuff I don't want to drag through the airport, but don't want to lose use of for 2 months. Mostly I don't know if I will need it or not since I haven't dealt with cold weather for almost 4 years (Washington State was dreary while I was there, but not terribly cold).

I have one container packed, inventoried, taped up, and numbered. Two more that just need to be taped and numbered, and 3 more that need to be inventoried, etc. More in various stages, but at least some part of this is ready to go, even if only one container at this point. My local rep came by this morning and is buying my fridge and microwave and shelves and fan and ironing board. This is good because he won't need them until I am actually leaving. Still have the TV and wardrobe to sell.

I'm tired. I'm heading in to post to eat lunch at the dining facility and buy more Gorilla boxes.

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  1. You just don't know how much stuff you accumulate until you start packing up for a move. Been there, done that many times. Always seem to loose something.