Friday, February 01, 2013

Day 2

Not up quite as early. It doesn't get light till after 6am and it is a bit difficult to get motivated till then. I have 4 boxes ready to mail, and I need at least 2 more Gorilla boxes (black plastic foot lockers of sorts) to pack up stuff. I'm trying to not use the cardboard boxes that were used to pack things into when it was shipped here. At the other end some (most) will go into storage, and I prefer not to use cardboard boxes for that. I also need to be able to handle the containers on the other end, so I'm packing a lot lighter than the moving guys did with the bigger boxes.

I am not shipping a lot of furniture as I don't have a lot. My bed is an aluminum folding cot with an integrated queen sized air mattress that I got at WalMart about 3 years ago. I've replaced the air mattress twice. It's advantages are that I can handle moving it myself (has it's own carrying case) and it is fairly comfortable. I'm taking my LazyBoy leather recliner back as well as my Ikea kitchen table. The rest is just... stuff. I am packing myself up as that is the only way I will have any chance of knowing what is where. I lost a couple of things from the move down here for months till I would unpack something not related at all and there would be whatever I had been looking for, stuffed into the available space at the time.

I may get a bit chatty here as I don't really have anyone to talk to. I live in a town away from most of the other contractors (by plan) and I'm keeping a low profile so someone doesn't decide to pull my ID's and keep me from getting onto post. Most of the contractors are retired military so they can use that ID to get on, but I'm not. I am supposed to have access till I leave, but, well, better safe than sorry. I need to get there to mail what I want to mail back.


  1. Make progress every day and before you know it you will be done. (Also a message to myself! LOL)

  2. I like your plan for packing yourself, and also using the containers rather than cardboard. When I retired they told me they would issue a retired civilian ID card but they didn't and I could never get on any post by myself again. I really wanted it for the brunch at Ft. Myers "O" Club!

  3. Good idea on using containers vs cardboard.

    Looks like you have a plan. Do it little by little so you wont stress yourself out.