Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Is that light I see really a train?

I'm up to 20 boxes/containers completely ready to be picked up. I am nearing the end, but not there yet. My back is feeling it. One room is packed up, there is a large pile of stuff to be given to the landlady, and hopefully it will all be on it's way Friday. And maybe I'll be on my way Saturday. In an hour or so I start taking down my computer setup. Then I will be on my netbook and USB stick until Friday. I don't see me renewing it unless I can't leave till Monday for some reason. I started using the cardboard boxes. I hate to admit it, but they do make things a lot easier to pack. Right now I'll take that utility on this end, and deal with it on the other end whenever it is that I'm where they are again.

I have a lot to mail. I'm not looking forward to that process, but it is just me not liking to mail things. I forgot my inventory list to make the customs forms from when I went last time, so I have all of it to mail today. That is on tap for this afternoon. Maybe. So far I have found a few things I thought I'd lost, and then repacked them so they are lost again. I am leaving things behind that I actually wish I could take but that aren't worth the effort. I am leaving a lot of projects in the middle of the process and hope someday to get back to it. Just don't really know when or where right now. Two days and a wake-up. I hope.


  1. I have been following your moves (maybe 4 of them) and reading about your efforts to get rid of 'stuff' an go Fulltime RV. I'm sorry to say that 20 boxes of 'stuff' is just not going to make it in a RV. You need to 'see somebody', you have a 'stuff' addiction.
    Good Luck and Welcome Home!

  2. Hang in there! It will all come together in the end and when you get to the RVing it will all work out because you will know what you need and where it will go.

  3. It's not an easy or a quick process to reduce "stuff". Just keep at it and don't get discouraged.

  4. Even though I have enough stuff to fill 2 10'x20' storage units, it is a fraction of what I used to have. I'm leaving some things here that I know I will be replacing because I figure they would end up in the storage unit instead of where I am when I need them. It is a slow process, but I'm making progress on paring down. Progress, not perfection. :)

  5. The little engine that could! If you just believe you can.... you can and you are almost there. It is so hard to keep motivated when you are a family of one and you have done it! Good for you!