Wednesday, February 06, 2013

In just one phone call...

My landlady came over with her grandson and his friend who are in the English school here. Translation is always problematical when using the kids as there is a cultural as well as language thing. They can't translate what they can't comprehend I'm saying. Anyway, she bought not only the last thing I had to sell, the wardrobe, but talked me out of my bed, sheets, curtains, and even tried to buy my packed luggage!

There was some issue with the internet, and translation was faltering. I called my boss, and he wasn't up to the conversation, either. Meanwhile, he told me that all these boxes I have been rushing to pack will have to be opened and repacked by their 'certified packer' due to US Customs regulations. So, as I'm near the end of it, I'm quitting.

Upshot is that I won't tear down my computer till tomorrow now, I have my bed to sleep in and curtains on the windows until the day I walk out even if it is a day or so from when my stuff is picked up. So, the transition phase is taken care of. All I have to do now is pack up the rest of what I'm mailing. I may not make it out of here till Monday or Tuesday, but it is coming together.


  1. Look at you go girl.... if only I was as far along! Soon all of this indecision will be behind you. It always takes just as long as we need to be ready... I know I should take my own advise! It is hard to stay motivated though when you are a family of one!

  2. You can always expect a SNAFU or two as things draw to a close. When I spent a month in El Salvador in 1983 the children were about the only ones I could communicate with. They were so patient and tried to encourage me. But I wasn't trying to get serious topics across. Just close your eyes, click your ruby slippers together, and you'll be back home!

  3. Very best wishes with your move!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. See lady good luck is smiling down on you.

    You got to sell your wardrobe, bed, linens and curtains. Less stuff to pack and you will still sleep in your own bed until you come home :)