Four Peaks in snow

Monday, February 11, 2013

Still Waiting

I am still waiting to hear when the shippers will be here to pick up my stuff. I am hoping I can fly home on Wednesday when M will fly out for vacation as she is on the same flight I would take. However, I have said I'm leaving on Friday on my original ticket if I haven't already flown home before that. I wait.

M and I went to the casinos down in Tegucigalpa yesterday. My goal was to blow the rest of the limpera I have. I still ended up with about $200 worth when I got home and added it all up. So, I guess I'll be using the money changing desk at one of the airports.

Today I start cleaning the apartment and boxing up the dregs of what is sitting around. I keep reaching for things are realizing they are packed. I am able to make coffee without having to think too much, but everything else is a new process that I have to actually think through the steps. Life will be this way for awhile.


  1. Just think how great it will be to be on that plane heading home. Of course I am sure there are things and people there that you will miss.

  2. Waiting on someone or some service is always frustrating. Even more so when it is out of your hands.

    Do you have to be present when they pack your stuff?

    You are almost home, keep telling that to yourself.