Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

After many phone calls today and Bill checking with another company for a quick quote, it turns out that the prices quoted are in line after all. When he actually mailed me the quote it wasn't quite the almost $8K, but enough lower to cover the other things as well. And the partial container price looks a bit better after all. So, around 3pm he calls and tells me that they will be here to pick up my stuff tomorrow after all. A few minutes later a lady called and confirmed that the crew would be here around 9 or 10 tomorrow morning. She had the town wrong, but when I corrected her, she then quit asking about the address itself. By the way, there are no addresses down here. One of my coworkers put some numbers up on his gate just to have an address, but it doesn't mean anything other than being a landmark. There also is no postal system to speak of, which means business is conducted differently, but that would be a different post.

So, I have 2 more lockers to mail, which Bill says he will mail for me after I leave. I have my luggage packed, and I have been alternating 2 sets of clothes and hand washing them and hanging them to dry between wearings. I need to sweep the floors and wipe down flat surfaces, but I am all but out of here. One day and a wake-up.


  1. Sounds like a plan coming together.

  2. Time to start saying good byes. I can become so sentimental at those moments. To drink in the last looks at all that is so familiar. You are but gone!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day. Wherever you happen to be right now. :-) xxxooo