Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If its not one thing, its another

So, the quote came in yesterday at the end of the day. More than twice the cost to come here for less stuff, and the entire allotment for all of my expenses home, including my ticket. I have paid for the ticket already as I was intending to go on vacation on Friday, and I've been paying for the mailings expecting to get paid back. The shipping company is playing us, knowing I'm on a deadline. They waited till they were sure there wasn't enough time to get more quotes, and slammed us. Bill says 'we'll talk tomorrow'. I think he is really tired, as I'm not the only one going through changes right now. So, I look at my stuff and wonder what I can just toss. However, the way these things work down here it is a set price and not really based on how much stuff. I could ship a car, or one box too big to mail, and it would be the same high price. The price of a container load. I look around with the question 'do I really need any of this' and the short answer is no, but the longer answer is that my hammock I spent 15 months making is part of it, as well as other things that I really would like to take back. I'm angry and getting depressed and just waiting to see what happens. In the end it is only money. Around a thousand dollars to just be done with all this and go home. It is a price I'm probably willing to pay.

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  1. Nothing in life is easy. My old Dad told me when I was growing up that "nothing in life is fair so you better get used to it." I will be 70 years old tomorrow and I believe that he was right.