Friday, February 08, 2013

Tuesday or Wednesday

This is when the actual movers may arrive. So, I will get everything mailed, and be ready to head out whatever the next day turns out to be. Looks like it may well be my original ticket. If that is worst case, then I'm ok. Not what I wanted, but ok.

I woke up to no electricity this morning. It came on around 9:30am. No electricity means no coffee for now as I packed up all my stoves and need the microwave to heat water. Once the electricity came on I realized that I didn't leave out a coffee mug. Or anything to heat the water in. So I used my REI water bottle, and pulled a mug out of the packed items. I may get a souvenir mug at the shop on post today when I go in.

The lady shipper told me I would get door to door VIP service. It will just be Tuesday or Wednesday before they can move it. She also said let her work on it.

So now I tend to the boxes to be mailed.


  1. You move is getting closer and closer.

  2. It sounds like you are almost there.... wish you were coming here to help me!! lol I'm having a tough time getting any help :( I can't blame them... Just feeling so overwhelmed!!

  3. It sounds like you are staying flexibler and going with the flow. That's good and will save your sanity!

  4. Everything is coming together little by little.

    Before you know will be home!