Thursday, February 14, 2013

They Came, They Saw

They packed! I got a call at 8am from Bill saying that the packers were outside my door. I always ignore pounding on the outside doors as it is never for me. Except this time. They were an hour early, but I was happy to see them. They worked their tails off, packed me up in a very professional way, put everything into a wooden container and let me take a picture of it for my records. I got a nice numbered inventory.

Then I finished packing the two Gorilla boxes I was mailing, got cleaned up and went to post and mailed them. Visited with a few folks who walked by and wondered where I'd been. I then came home and took a nap! The worst was over. I am going home tomorrow. Since then I have given Bill the fridge and microwave and iron and ironing board he bought as well as some other odds and ends, given my upstairs neighbor some more odds and ends, and there is still plenty of odd stuff left for my landlady. I have shifted things around in my luggage so none of it is too heavy. All but the one I will put the clothes in that I'm wearing now are by the door, and will be in the car before I go to bed tonight. I will go in early and have breakfast with my old breakfast crew as well as anyone else who wants to say goodby, then my personal taxi will take me to the airport where I will board an airplane and fly HOME.

Not sure when I'll get back on-line, but by Saturday morning for sure. From Mom's computer. In the US.


  1. Have a safe trip back home. There is no place like home!!

  2. You did it!! The next chapter begins!

  3. Alright! Have a safe trip back! After you do some lovin' on your mom, go have some fun in Vegas!

  4. I am so happy for you!

    I am sure you will sleep soundly tonight knowing everything is taken care of and all you have to do is board that plane home!

  5. I'm sure you were wondering if this day would ever come. Have a good and safe trip back home.